funny scary jokes for Halloween

Funny Scary Jokes for Halloween

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Halloween is great fun for kids: scary costumes, time spent with friends, loads and loads of candy and most importantly super yucky and spooky jokes! We give you a selection of funny scary jokes to read to /tell your friends, just to add a little bit more fun this Halloween!

Last year we gave you lots of ideas for Halloween games and activities mostly suitable for preschoolers! This year we wanted to focus on having lots more fun, with: funny jokes, super fun games and a great selection of scary and funny storybooks.

21 Amazingly Funny Scary Jokes for Kids

What is Sick Garlic’s favourite part of school?

Show and smell!

Which fruit does Burpy Slurpy love to blend for his dreadful drinks?


What is Gunk Pumpkin’s favourite holiday?


What happens to Junkosaur’s feet after a hard day stomping around?

They get dino-sore!

What do you call Scum Gum when he gets stuck to your trousers?

Trouble Gum!

What do you call a Scaboon when he hasn’t washed for a month?

A manky monkey!

What happened to Poop monster when the toilet was cleaned?

He disappeared in a flush!

Who are Slobster’s best friends?


Why did Junk Mail bring a giant “A” to the post office?

He wanted to send a letter!

Where does Trashantula show off his favourite pictures?

On his web site!

What’s worse than sitting on Sticky Pop?

Giving him a lick afterwards!

What is Ooze’s Ogre favourite game?

Swallow the leader!

What happened when Slime Python wrestled another snake?

It ended up in a tie!

What does Ugly Bed Bug take to bed with him?

His teddy scare!

What happens to Gas Ghost when he gets frightened?

He has a fart attack!

What does Smelly Onion use to cook all of his food?

A crying pan

What does Stinky Skunk love to eat with ice cream?

Smelly jelly!

Where in the playground would you find Sour Snail?

On the sliming frame!

How does Blow Fly like to travel?

By itch-hiking!

In which city does Bin Pig love to swallow in the muck?

New Pork!

What do you get if you wear Smelly Sock on your foot?

Cheese on toes!

Disclaimer: All these jokes are taken from the book The Trash Pack, Junk Punk Joke Book, published by Parragon in 2013.

Final thoughts

scary funny jokes

Hope you had some laughs! Maybe even got inspired to invent your own funny scary jokes!

For more Halloween activities, keep an eye out for the Halloween Spooky Stories selection we will release soon!

In the meantime, have sone fun with our Halloween Printables, all FREE! Choose from Halloween Printable Game- 4 in 1 Activity or any of the printables from Print and Play !

Happy Halloween guys!

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