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Hi, we are Cristina and Monica, the voices behind What Does Mamma say. We are two friends, teachers and proud mothers.

Our mission is to provide parents with all the information and activities to help young children flourish. Realising that we need to make good use of the thousands of games, worksheets, activities we have used in our 21 years of combined teaching experience, we decided to offer you simple, efficient and tested resources to help your child’s skills development. These resources will address skills necessary in the 7 areas of development:

  • personal, social and emotional development
  • communication and language
  • literacy and mathematics
  • understanding the world
  • arts and design
  • physical development

How we can help you

We understand how difficult it must be to find the right resources and the right answers when it comes to children’s development. And also, let’s face it, it is time-consuming. You might spend hours browsing the vast internet for quality educational resources, time you could have spent with your child. 

We also know that you want to make sure that the activities you use with your children have been created by someone who knows what they are doing, a professional. Think about it, you wouldn’t want your medicine to be created by a baker, right? It would taste delicious perhaps, but not very effective. 

To this end, we decided to put our years of experience at your disposal. We aim to become your go-to resource when teaching a new skill of enhancing it.

Your go-to resource when in need of information, ideas and hands-on resources to help your child have a great start in life.

Your source for personalised worksheets and advice, and your weekly resource bank of ideas. 

In addition to the educational resources, you will also find support in the form of parenting tips and how-to articles, informed by our personal experiences and expertise as teachers.

We believe that a well-informed parent is a helpful parent! To that end, we aspire to guide you on this fascinating journey of growth and offer you the support needed in nurturing your child’s uniqueness.

What recommends us

A teacher never stops learning. Our formal educational training, culminating with  Bachelor’s degrees and Master’s Degrees in Foreign Languages and Child Education, was followed by 7 more years of professional development.

During this time, we have attended numerous national and international teacher conferences, webinars, workshops for teachers and received various certificates in teacher training, further refining our ability and skills to work with young children.

We have been involved in writing course books for summer schools designed for very young children (4-6-year-olds) so you can rest assured that this is far from our first experience of creating teaching materials. 

Everything we have done and achieved was done with passion and a desire to make a positive impact on learning and teaching, but most importantly, to help children achieve their potential.

For more ideas, inspiration and advice, join our Facebook group Learning Activities for Kids, a place for teachers and parents to meet and share valuable resources and ideas.

Help children play and learn with hands-on activities. Discover amazing busy books that encourage children to love learning.

‘We found the activity book creative, funny and imaginative. My son who is very curious always dives into the different tasks/activities. For us, the activities are a feast of fun.’

Lucia Slamkova
Mom of two

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