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Busy Books are fantastic tools to teach kids different concepts and skills. All the worksheets and activities have been designed by two educators with over 21 years of teaching experience. Through our Busy Books children will refine their fine motor skills, improve their social- emotional and communication skills, critical thinking as well as preschool skills such as letter and number recognition, basic spelling and counting.

Numbers busy book printables

Numbers Busy Book Printable

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Facebook Youtube Instagram Kids love to learn in a meaningful and engaging way. That is why we created the numbers busy book printable to offer parents and children a chance…

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Happy Letters Busy Book featured image

Happy Letters Busy Book


Lately, you have noticed that your little one shows more and more interest in the alphabet and the written words. S/he curiously asks about one letter or another and quizzes…

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the little learner book

The Little Learner Book

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The Book That Helps Little Learners Become Great Thinkers Teaching kids involves so much dedication and passion, but also so much work. We know that parents are teachers and we…

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Hands-on Activities

cardboard box crafts

Cardboard Box Crafts for Kids


Facebook Youtube Instagram I am not a very artistic person, but because I give everything a go I decided to try some projects out with my son that involve cardboard…

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games for kids to cooperate

Indoor cooperative play games

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From this article you will take away 8 great ideas for indoor cooperative play games to help children learn to share, work together and make them feel part of a…

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Activities for thinking skills development

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In this article you will read about the 4 thinking skills and get 15 hands-on fun activities for thinking skills development in kids.  Children acquire concepts through active involvement and…

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Meet Cristina and Monica

We are Cristina and Monica, the voices behind What Does Mamma Say. We are long-time friends, passionate teachers and proud mothers.

Our missions is to provide parents with all the means to help their children grow in every way. To this end, we have decided to put our years of experience at your disposal. We aim to become your go-to resource when teaching a new skill or enhancing it, when in need of information, ideas and hands-on activities to help your child have a great start in life.

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