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Hi! We are Cristina and Monica, the voices behind What Does Mamma Say. We are two proud mamas of boys, teachers and friends.


Cristina & Monica the teachers


Combined, we have been working as educators for 21 years. Even though we have worked with all age groups, the majority of these years were spent working with very young learners.

It comes as no surprise that the younger the child, the greater the challenge. Very young children are so complex that, regardless of the many years spent learning, the seminars and courses attended, the scientific journals read, we still found ourselves in awe of their reactions.

There is so much that needs to be learned when working and dealing with children. The information may be out there, but it takes a professional to make the most use of it.


What recommends us


A teacher never stops learning. Our formal educational training, culminating with Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Foreign Languages and Child Education, was followed by 7 more years of professional development. During this time we have attended numerous national and international teaching conferences, webinars, workshops for teachers. We have completed courses and obtained diplomas that have further refined our ability and skill to work with young children. We have been involved in writing course books for summer school designed for very young learners (4-6-year-olds). 

Furthermore, we have become teacher trainers passing on our knowledge to keen, young teachers. 

Everything that we have done and achieved was done with passion and a desire to make a positive impact on the children.


But then, everything changed


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Cristina & Monica the moms


In 2017 we both became moms.

Fun personal fact: our boys were born a month apart.

We have been working with children our entire professional lives but now we had children of our own. Which meant that our perspective changed. 

We passed over to the other side of the “barricade”.

Even though we could empathize with the parents of the children we taught before, the moment our own boys were born our understanding of their struggles, fears and concerns was complete

If a teacher after 5 years of educational training and 7 more years of continuous professional development finds difficulties in teaching her own toddler, then we can imagine that other parents feel the same strain, if not greater. Finding the right resources and the right answers can be a challenge.

So a dream was born along with a mission and a vision.


Our Mission and Vision


Our mission is to provide parents with all the means to help their children grow in every way.

We realized we should make good use of the thousands of games, worksheets, and activities that we used in our 21 years of combined teaching experience. And we decided to offer you simple, efficient, and tested resources to help your child’s skills grow and flourish. 

These resources will address specific skills necessary in the 7 areas of development

  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Communication and language development
  • Physical development
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the world
  • Arts and design


How we can help

We understand how difficult it must be for parents to find the right resources and the right answers when it comes to their child’s educational development. And also, let’s face it, it is time-consuming. The time spent browsing the vast internet for quality educational resources could be spent doing fun activities with your child. 

Plus, you want to be sure that the activities you use with your child have been created by educational professionals who know what they are doing. Think about it, you wouldn’t want your medicine to be created by a baker, right? It would taste delicious perhaps, but not very effective.

To this end, we have decided to put our years of experience at your disposal. We aim to become your go-to resource when teaching a new skill or enhancing it. Your go-to resource when in need of guidance, information and hands-on resources to help your child have a great start in life. Your source for personalized worksheets and advice, and your weekly resource bank of ideas

In addition to the educational resources, you will also find support for first-time moms and veteran moms in the form of personal experiences, parenting tips and “how-to” articles. 

We believe that a well-informed parent is a helpful parent! To that end, we aspire to guide parents on this fascinating journey of growth and offer them the support needed in nurturing their child’s uniqueness.

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