I spy with my little eye Haloween free printable

I Spy Halloween printable game- 4 in 1 Activity

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In this post, you will discover a fantastic I Spy Halloween printable that is free to download and will no doubt offer many moments of entertainment and laughter to the kids. 

I love I Spy! It’s such a simple game but so fun and with many benefits for the little ones. It exercises memory, improves observation skills, visual discrimination, perception, enriches vocabulary, teaches children to take turns and cooperate with others. Such a simple activity with a positive impact on many areas of the child’s development.

I used to enjoy playing it as a teacher with my students and now I play it with my little one anytime we’re bored, waiting in a queue, at the doctor’s office, in the car or simply when we’re wandering around the neighbourhood. Nowadays, we “graduated” to I Spy… with beginning sounds, opposed to colours or shapes as we used to play it a while ago. So, we say, for example, I Spy with my little eye something beginning with “ch”. Chair, well done!

Because we always enjoy playing this game and I know that it’s a popular game for a lot of families, I thought it would be great to create the I Spy Halloween edition which is actually 4 games in one. I will explain below how to play each game. The good news is that the printable used for these activities is free to download. Just look for the download link and button at the bottom of this post but make sure to read the game ideas first.

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What you need for this Halloween I Spy

You only need a few supplies for this activity most of which you probably already have but I will list them below anyway:

What does the file contain?

The Halloween I spy game contains a total of 7 pages.

The first is the cover page, the second page is the actual game where you can see a multitude of “scary” characters (I tried to make them somewhere in the middle, not very scary in case there are younger players but somewhat spooky since it’s Halloween).

The third page is a numeracy exercise where kids have to count each character and write the number on the line.

And finally, the next four pages are a game of Halloween trivia.

How to play with this I spy Halloween printable

I am going to describe the way I would play, but of course, you can come up with your own way of playing.

Classic I Spy Game (the first page)

It can be played by two or more players. Put the paper in a place where all the players can clearly see it. One player will say: “I spy with my little eye something starting with letter H”. The other players will quickly have to look and come up with the correct answer (hat). The child who says it first is the winner. If there is only one player looking for the answer you might want to add a timer (I love this cool time tracker from “Learning Resources”.

If there are young players who don’t know the alphabet yet, you can give other hints like colour, appearance, what the character does etc.

Here is a little tip to make competition type of games a lot more exciting: BUZZERS. Ohh yes, these little babies will make any game thrilling filled with little squeals of joy. I used them a lot in the classroom and now I have a set for home as well.

Give each child a buzzer and the one who presses the buzzer first can answer.

How many are there? (the second page)

This game is pretty straightforward. The kids have to count the characters from the first page and write down the number in front of each object on the line.

But this is a Halloween game so we want to make it as fun as possible. If there are more kids playing, give each a copy of pages one and two. Have the BUZZER somewhere where everybody can reach it (if you don’t have a buzzer, although I wholeheartedly recommend you get a set, use a bell).

These also have lights in addition to sounds

On the count of three, all the players will start counting the characters and writing down the numbers on their papers. The first to finish presses the buzzer and everybody stops writing. If the numbers are correct, the child is the winner. If they are not, everybody resumes the counting and again whoever believes is ready and correct presses the buzzer.

Halloween I Spy…Trivia

The last four pages of the pack are simple questions related to the characters on the first page. First, make sure to cut the tickets with the questions and arrange them in a pile. Give each competing player a buzzer. If you don’t have a buzzer, you can use an ordinary object placed in the middle of the players. The first to pick it up car answer the question.

Version 1

One player will take a ticket and read the question. The child who knows the answer presses the buzzer/picks up the object and gives the answer.

Version 2

One player reads a question and the rest of the players compete to touch the correct character on the first page.

You can record your voice on these

These are my ideas of how you can play with the I Spy Halloween printable but this being quite a versatile resource I’m sure that you can come up with other fun ways of using it.

You can download the Halloween I Spy game by pressing the button below.

Have a Happy Halloween with lots of family fun!

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