The Best Books for Teaching Children about Consent

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In today’s age, teaching children about consent at a young age is becoming an important part of early parenting.

Along with teaching children the correct anatomical names of their body parts, teaching children
about consent is important so that they can know the difference between appropriate and
inappropriate touching. Teaching consent encourages children to know how to respect their own
bodies and other people’s bodies. Importantly, teaching consent to kids can also help keep children safe
from child predators.

By teaching children about consent, they are able to set and maintain boundaries about their own
bodies and bodily choices. These skills help reduce the likelihood of sexual coercion, harassment and

Within families, the concept of consent can often be pushed aside, particularly by older generations.
It’s common for grandparents to expect a hug or a kiss for giving a present or saying goodbye. These
books will help gently explain these concepts to everyone in the family, and give your kids the skills
to say no.

With the excellent books in this article, you’ll be able to introduce the concept of consent and bodily
autonomy to your children with their very first books.

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Miles is the boss of his body

This is the story of a boy who finds himself receiving unwanted attention from friends and family at a
party. He finally declares that he is the boss of his own body, and his friends and family support his
decisions. It’s a story that is relatable for young children, and perfect to explain the concepts to
young and old. This story explains that it’s okay to have healthy boundaries with friends and

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Can I give you a squish?

This adorable story is about a merboy who likes giving hugs to everyone. He quickly learns that not
everyone likes a hug, and he learns a new way to show affection. Perfect for teaching little kids
about asking before diving in for a hug with a new friend. Filled with beautiful art, this is sure to be
a favorite.

Consent (for Kids)

Consent is like being ruler of your own country…population: YOU.

A playful guide on teaching children about consent, this book contains bright, humorous and energetic images that will capture kids’ attention. Consent (for Kids) will teach readers what boundaries are, how to set them, what to do when someone makes them feel uncomfortable and encourages kids (and adults) to practice consent in their daily lives.

How to say hello

A great board book for younger kids, this short story gives kids different options for how to say
hello. Big concepts are presented in a playful story, helping children to establish their own
boundaries and navigate relationships.

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C is for consent

A very popular board book that teaches kids that it’s okay to say no to hugs and kisses. The strong
message is that it’s okay to say no to being touched, even by family and friends. The images are
diverse, featuring different skin tones, a same-sex couple and a person in a wheelchair. This book
helps kids to feel confident to express physical boundaries and be respectful of the boundaries of

My body belongs to me from my head to my toes

My Body Belongs to Me from My Head to My Toes is an educational tool to help instil confidence
in children when it comes to their bodies. The narrative of the story is led by a girl named Clara,
who encourages kids to say “no” if they are uncomfortable with physical contact. The narrator
gives readers tips about what they can say or do to avoid unwanted physical contact, or how to
tell the right people in the event it has already occurred.

No means no

This children’s picture book is aimed at kids 3 to 9 and is the story of a little girl who has a strong
voice on issues relating to her body and personal boundaries. It is a good starting point for talking to
your children about their choices and their rights. It is meant to be read to children, and some of
the forewords contain adult themes that may not be appropriate for reading-age children.

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I hope you’ve found this short list of the best books for talking to little kids about consent helpful.
Using books to discuss these topics is a good gateway to opening a conversation and engaging your
kids to practice what they need to say.
Do you have any other books that you would add to this list? Let us know in the comments.

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