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Happy Letters Busy Book

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Lately, you have noticed that your little one shows more and more interest in the alphabet and the written words. S/he curiously asks about one letter or another and quizzes you on what different words mean.

It’s clear. Your munchkin is ready to master the alphabet and enter the fascinating world of reading and writing. 


What now? Where do you start? Teaching the alphabet suddenly doesn’t seem so straight forward now that you actually have to do it. 

But I promise you it’s not that complicated either. It just involves a little bit of planning ahead and adapting your teaching materials and activities to your child’s needs and preferences. 

Happy Letters Busy Book worksheets

Also, keeping up to date with the latest teaching approaches and information on how to improve your little one’s early literacy skills (a process which, by the way, starts as early as birth) are always helpful.

However, one piece of advice that I can give you is to KEEP IT FUN whatever you do. And when I say to keep it fun, I mean both for your little learner and yourself. If you get frustrated for different reasons you will pass those negative vibes on to your child and you may hit a big “no wall”.

To this end, we have created the fantastic Happy Letters Busy Book for kids who are just beginning their literacy journey or want to practice their spelling. 

Take a sneak peek into the Happy Letters Busy Book

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What can you find in the Happy Letters Busy Book?

The Happy Letters Busy Books contains a total of 55 worksheets and 10 interactive activities that will keep children engaged throughout the learning process. 

The activities have been divided into two categories: letter recognition and spelling.

Letter Recognition:

letters recognition worksheets


  • Upper Case and Lower Case Jigsaw Puzzle: the first step is to cut out the puzzle pieces (I know it can be a little fiddly but it’s well worth it). The purpose of the game is for the child to match the upper case letters to the lower case ones. Simply mix them up and allow the child to match them. At the beginning offer a lot of support and guidance but later on, when the child has somewhat mastered letter recognition, you can make the game more fun by adding a timer.
  • Letter Monster: this is by far, my son’s favourite. Cut out the monster figurine, the “feed me…” tickets and the letters (cutting the letters is optional as you can use any letters that you have around the house; for example, we used some magnetic letters). The game is simple, the child will have to extract a ticket, read it (with your help) and feed the monster the letter written on the ticket. 
  • Alphabet Match: another great activity that my son loves. First, after printing the two alphabet worksheets, cut along the X in the middle. Place the worksheets on top of an empty box and attach it so that it doesn’t move while playing. Prepare some alphabet manipulatives (we used small magnetic letters and bottle caps on which I wrote letters). For each letter on the worksheet, find the corresponding alphabet manipulative and push it through the hole. 
  • Alphabet Pockets: cut out the two pockets and glue them on a piece of paper, leaving the upper part of the pockets open. Cut out the two sets of letters (upper case and lower case) and have the child sort them by putting the upper case letters in the upper case pocket and the lower case ones in the lower case pocket.
  • Alphabet Cards: this is essentially the famous snap game. First, print out two sets of cards for two players. Each player arranges their set in a pile. The players take turns in turning a card from the top of their pile and placing it in the middle. If the cards do not match, each player will name the letter on their card (for more advanced players they can also try to spell the word on the card) and then turn over another card. But if the cards match the players have to shout “snap”. The first player to shout “snap” will win all the cards gathered in the pile in the middle.


Spelling worksheets

  • Match the animals: A simple worksheet that requires the little learner look at the pictures and match them with their corresponding words. 
  • Learn to spell the word: First, cut out the letters. There are 10 worksheets in total that contain three-letter words. The child will have to first, spell the word and then place the letters in the squares to build the word. After this, the second activity on the page requires the child to choose and circle the picture that starts with a certain letter. A great activity that practices both letter recognition and spelling. 
  • Learn to spell card game: Cut the paper strips vertically and fold them on the line ( you can fold each edge inwards to make it stand on its own easier). Print a set for each player. Players take turns to select a card and put it in the middle. Spell out the word and let them name the picture. Have them repeat the correct spelling after you, this time by looking at the word and pointing at each letter. After this, the child should choose a picture and place it in the middle with the word facing you. The child should try to describe the word and you must name it and spell it. To make it even more fun, the child can mime the word or draw it.
  • The Missing Letter: This worksheet practices CVC words. The child will have to look at the picture, name them and add the missing vowel. Encourage the child to spell the entire word. 
  • Decode the message: Kids are curious by nature so discovering hidden messages will surely bring a lot of fun to spelling. On the first page, you will see each letter along with its symbol. The child will have to use this code in order to discover the five hidden sentences. 

Curious about Happy Letters Busy Book? Here is a FREE sample- 11 worksheets that you can download and enjoy with your little one


There are so many activities for teaching the alphabet out there that you will never run out of fresh ideas. Happy Letters Busy Book has been created to help little learners to become alphabet masters while having fun and moving away from the traditional “sit at the table and write” type of teaching.

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In order to make the most of our busy book, we recommend laminating the worksheets for longer use. Also, here are the materials that we’ve used to build this busy book:

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  1. This is such a great idea! This would work so well for moms that enforce quiet times for their little ones who have given up naps.

  2. I absolutely love this!!! It’s perfect for when my toddler is waiting for me to help them (because I’m helping someone else). I try not to give them too much busy work but sometimes it’s necessary.

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