easter stories for kids

Easter Stories for Children

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As Easter is approaching, we want to focus on Easter stories for children that can help them understand the biblical event more easily and relate their reality of Easter egg hunts and Easter lunch to the religious celebration.

However, for younger children we included stories that are easy to follow, colourful and more connected to spring than the religious celebration to use them as a starting point in your discussions.

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That’s not my chick

This is a wonderful book for very little readers who are now learning to read, but it is also excellent for toddlers. Through its colourful and child-friendly illustrations, and touch and feel characteristics, the book offers a great experience for little children.

What is even greater about it is this is a cardboard book making it perfect for little hands. In the story children will encounter enough elements to keep them busy on each page, but without being over crowded with illustrations. 

I think this is a perfect book for Easter as it can initiate a conversation about spring, rebirth and hope. Give your little one enough time to look at the pictures while you tell a very brief and child-friendly Easter story. 

That’s not my chick

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Poppy and Sam’s Easter egg hunt

The Poppy and Sam easter books are amazing and this is no different. In their Easter egg hunt, Poppy and Sam realise that the little lamb from the farm is lost.

So they follow it around Apple Tree Farm as the lamb is trying to find his way back to Woolly the Sheep.  

The characters are charming and the illustrations so vivid and easy-to-follow that children will most certainly love this book. 

This Easter story book is perfect for both children who need to practice their reading skills, but also children who are being read to as the vocabulary offers opportunity for new words to be learnt such as thistles, much, prickly, calf etc.

What I most love about this book is the fact that it comes with a fluffy toy, a little lamb, the same one that Poppy and Sam are looking for.

By using the fluffy toy reading becomes more memorable for kids and it creates a certain type of bonding. 

Although it does not refer to Easter as a religious celebration, you can easily connect the story book to the biblical story by starting with the importance of eggs in the celebration of Easter. Thus the book can become an inspirational tool in talking to children about Easter and its significance


Easter Story

If the first two books were addressed to younger children, Easter story can be seen as a book for slightly older children. You can see this in the choice of illustrations, the vocabulary used and the aim to offer a simplified version of the religious celebration.

easter stories for kids

Keeping faithful to the Bible, this book tells the story of Jesus and of rebirth in a simple and easy to read language, perfect for children who know how to read but need more practice. 

With Easter Story parents can engage in a meaningful dialog of faith with their children and explore their questions and understanding of the events.

Don’t be afraid to ask your child difficult questions ” Why do you think they did that? How would you feel if you were there? How would thins be different if this didn’t happen?” .

Trust your child and his/her capabilities to understand such profound questions and allow them time to reflect and give their opinions. 

An Easter Basket Filled With Love

In this fascinating story of friendship, the forest friends are eager to celebrate Easter with their special tradition. The entire village offers treats for the animals to fill their baskets.

But Little Deer is worried and is having a difficult week: she forgot to do something that Mama asked her to do, left her homework in the rain and upset a friend.

Will she receive her Easter treats? 

More suitable for 4 to 6 year-olds, this story offers plenty of opportunities for little readers to challenge their reading skills, while at the same time serving as a great example to practice reading skills with confidence.

This easter story however is great for any age when mum or dad are reading it. 

Easter Sunday

This wonderful book is part of the Berenstain Bear books that children love so much. I appreciate the fact that the very cover tells readers that this is a story of faith that offers parents and children an opportunity to talk about the true meaning of Easter.

In this Easter story you will join Mama, Papa, Brother, Sister and Honey as they go to church, enjoy an Easter egg hunt and learn about Easter. 

I think this book is perfect for early readers, that are quite confident to read by themselves. The vocabulary is more challenging than in the other books in the article, mostly suitable for 6-8 year-olds.

There are words such as ‘bustling, joyous, golden, chirping’ that offer opportunities for vocabulary improvement.

But do remember that you can read this Easter story to children younger than 4 as it offers a child-friendly and simplified story to help children understand the meaning of Easter. 

The Story of the Easter Bunny

In parts of the world, the Easter Bunny is famous! But where does his story come from? How did one bunny become so loved all over the world? This book offers the answer!

Read about how “On a snow-cold day in a a snug little house..” a bunny’s story came to life. With a basket filled of eggs and chocolate, the Easter Bunny brings joy to children in this story of kindness, love and sharing. 

What attracts about this particular book is the peaceful feeling you get when reading it because of the gorgeous illustrations that make you travel in time.

A great Easter story for little ones and grown-ups alike, this book inspires conversation of empathy and giving, a much needed conversation in today’s world. 

It’s not easy being a bunny

Seeing life from a bunny’s perspective is not something we do every day. But now that Easter is approaching, this book invites us to consider it.

Would you imagine having lots and lots of brothers and sisters? Eating carrots all day every day? Having such long ears?

Well, PJ Funnybunny decides that he doesn’t want to be a bunny anymore and tries to lie with different animals instead. He tries to be a bear, a bird and a pig.

Was he successful, what do you think? 

You might have guessed it, PJ Funnybunny soon finds out that all he really wants is to be himself. The best kind of way to be! Through his  journey of self-discovery and belonging, Funnybunny teaches children that identity is important and that we must appreciate who we are, a truly valuable lesson for all of us.

With its colourful and funny illustrations, this Easter story for kids helps them practice their reading skills with confidence as the vocabulary is accessible and sentences short. 

 Happy Easter!

We wish you all a Happy Easter, peace and joy and we hope the celebration will bring families together, especially in these troubled times we are living! We are looking forward to hearing from all those of you who do not celebrate Easter to share with us your most important celebration and how you mark it in your family.

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  1. We actually have the first book “That’s not my chick” and I agree that it’s a great book! Both my daughters love the book. My youngest like to touch and feel the pages as we flip through the book. Your other suggestions are excellent too! I have seen them around, and may look to add a few of these books to our collection. Thank you for sharing this list!

  2. I was looking for some new Easter books to add to my sons basket, and I love these suggestions! It’s Not Easy Being a Bunny sounds like such a cute story. Thanks for sharing!

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