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Spring Bucket List Ideas To Do With The Family

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My two favourite seasons are, hands down, spring and fall! By the end of February, I am sick of the low temperatures and my hands, feet and nose are permanently cold.

And then spring arrives. Temperatures rise, I get a glimpse of the sun and my extremities begin to thaw. Aaahhhh….so good!

Another thing that spring brings back is the joy of going out without having 5 layers of clothing on. Also, many places open their doors again after being closed during the winter so the whole city starts buzzing with life once again.

It’s time to make a simple and fun spring bucket list of activity ideas for the whole family. But what can you put on it? Don’t worry! We’ve come up with a list of things to do over spring break that are simple, memorable yet won’t break the bank.

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Outdoors Spring Bucket List Ideas

Spring is the perfect time to enjoy the great outdoors. The temperature is perfect, not too hot, not too cold, it’s just right. Here are a few things to do over spring break outside.

1. Get gardening

Spring is the time that nature comes back to life after months of hibernation. It is also the time to tend to your garden and start planting beautiful flowers and herbs.

If you don’t have a garden, a few pots on the windowsill will do nicely.

If you are unsure of what to buy, here is a lovely assortment of flowers and herbs that you can plant either in the garden or in flower pots.

2. Have an outdoors picnic

Enjoy the fresh air and bring some excitement (especially for the little ones) to meals by having a nice picnic.

If you are a picnic fan or even an occasional picnicker, you need this Insulated Picnic Backpack for 4 people. It has got everything you need for a great picnic not to mention that it is so easy to carry around. Forget about those bulky, flimsy baskets that kept the food cool/warm until you got to the door. The Picnic Backpack has insulated, leak-proof compartments that will keep the food colour or warm for hours. In addition to this, it comes with all the accessories you might need (blanket, cutlery, napkins, plates, glasses, wine opener, salt&pepper shakers, even a cutting board).

3. Go for a nature walk

There is nothing better than taking a nice, long nature walk to admire all the beautiful colours and breathe in the fresh air. So, put your walking shoes on, choose your nature walk location and go exploring.

4. Observe the life cycle of a butterfly

One activity to add to your spring bucket list is to observe the fascinating life cycle of a butterfly. The whole family can witness the most spectacular transformation from the insect world up close.

If you do not particularly fancy looking for caterpillars or setting up their habitat, check this out!

You can buy a ready-made kit that comes with a pop-up butterfly habitat, butterfly flower feeder and feeding dropper, an instruction guide and a STEM journal, plus 5 baby caterpillars (but these are ordered separately).

How cool is this!!!

5. Fly a kite

Flying a kite is fun. Of course, besides having a blast, kids can also learn about aerodynamics, physics, the weather and science. But mainly have fun.

So if you get a moderately windy day, flying a kite is a great activity for the whole family.

6. Go on a spring scavenger hunt

If a scavenger hunt is not on your spring bucket list, you should definitely put it. It is a fun activity for little ones and an opportunity to explore and learn about nature.

7. Jump in puddles

Don’t underestimate the fun that a simple action like jumping in puddles can bring to your kids. Put on some Wellies and waterproof clothes and jump away.

8. Go for a bicycle ride

The warm spring weather is perfect to get those bicycles out of storage and go on a family bicycle ride. It is a great way of exercising while admiring nature.

9. Collect and paint rocks

One thing that you can do while walking in nature is to keep your eyes open for interesting, unique rocks that you can take home. Once you have your rock collection, a great activity would be to paint them. You can have a family-friendly competition- whose rock is the prettiest (of course, the kids will always win, hehe).

10. Collect some spring flowers and dry or press them

Another thing that you can do while on one of your walks is to collect some beautiful spring flowers. But rather than putting them into a vase, you can dry or press them so they’ll last for a very long time.

There are a few ways in which you can press flowers, either the traditional way in which you put the flower in a book and leave it there for a few weeks or the faster way, with the help of an iron or a microwave. You can take a look at this guide which will tell you exactly how to do it.

Dried or pressed flowers can be used to make beautiful displays that will liven up your house or make unique gifts.

11. Visit a farm

Kids love animals so what better way to see and learn about them up close and personal than visiting a farm.

Check to see what farms are open to the public in your area and what activities for children then have.

12. Collect rainwater

Sometimes, spring can bring quite a bit of rain so, besides playing and jumping in the rain, you can also collect it. This is the perfect opportunity to teach your little one(s) about the importance of water conservation.

13. Spot a rainbow

Since we have been talking about rain, one of the most beautiful phenomena that mother nature has to offer is rainbows. So, after a good rain, do outside and look for a rainbow.

14. Have a spring photoshoot

It’s like all those beautiful spring colours are just waiting to be immortalized in a picture. Take advantage of this and organize a family photo shoot in a nice location.

Make it a tradition and you’ll have great memories to look back on.

Indoors Spring Bucket List Ideas

Spring is not all sunshine and warm weather. Sometimes mother nature throws a lot of rain and crisp temperatures at us that force us to spend more time indoors. But not to worry! Here are some simple, indoor activities to add to your spring bucket list.

1. Out with the winter clothes, in with the spring clothes

A rainy day is the perfect opportunity to sort through your winter clothes and bring forth the lighter, spring ones. I usually put them into three piles: the storage pile, bin pile (ripped, discoloured clothes that have reached the end of their life) and charity pile.

2. Do the spring cleaning

Probably not the most anticipated activity of the season but it has to be done, right? And since there is no way around it, why not make it as fun as possible?

Involve the whole family, turn the cleaning into a friendly competition (who can do it faster, whose area is cleaner), play some music, dance and sing while you all clean etc.

spring bucket list ideas pinnable image

3. Have a meal made up of spring produce

Take advantage of all the seasonal fruit and vegetables like carrots, asparagus, artichokes, leeks, mangoes, pineapples, avocados, rhubarb etc. and prepare some delicious meals.

Here are some lip-smacking recipes to inspire you.

4. Prepare for Easter

One of the highlights of spring, at least for children, is Easter and the Easter Bunny, of course. There are so many things to prepare from doing the shopping, decorating the house to planning the celebration and cooking.

The best thing that you can do is start the preparations a few weeks before Easter to avoid the agitation, stress and rush. For example, I have bought all the Easter presents at least three weeks before the holiday.

And talking of Easter, since the kids are home from school, you might want to prepare some fun activities for them as well. Here are 7 Egg Games for Kids – they are seriously fun!!

5. Have a rainy day movie marathon

Sometimes when it rains you don’t feel like doing much. When you have one of those days, well then, movie marathon it is!

Get comfy, snuggle with each other and watch your favourite movies. Don’t forget the snacks and drinks.

6. Make a rainbow suncatcher

Kids (and adults) are in awe every time they see a rainbow. There is something about this phenomenon that fascinates us. There are many activities and crafts that you can do with your children that involve rainbows, for example, making a rainbow suncatcher- an easy but fun to make project, not to mention that it looks spectacular.

7. Make some spring-inspired origami

A nice activity to include in your spring bucket list ideas is origami. All you need is paper and your hands. Origami is a great way to practice dexterity while making beautiful things out of paper.

You will find loads of tutorials online but if you want to take origami to the next level then you need this Colorful Kids Origami Kit (it’s for adults as well if you want to have a go). The kit contains 10 sheets of practice papers, 108 double-sided origami folding paper (they have patterns on them), and Instructions Book of 55 pages.

8. Prepare a nice surprise for Mother’s Day

DIY mother's day pop up card

Mothers deserve the moon and the stars for everything that they do and all their unconditional love. This year, prepare something nice for mom that will say “I love you and appreciate you”.

A cute idea for kids to make is this simple Mother’s Day Pop Up Card.

9. Read books related to spring

A great way to greet the season is to read some nice spring-themed books. We wholeheartedly support reading to children from an early age. If you haven’t already, I invite you to take a look at our Story Books Section where you will find recommendations of fantastic books for children.

Here are a few books about spring that your little one will like:

Little Blue Truck’s Springtime

Spencer Knows Spring

Llama Llama Very Busy Springtime

Spring Stinks (a Little Bruce Book)

10. Make a spring sensory bin

Sensory bins are fashionable nowadays and with good reason. They have amazing developmental benefits for the little ones like sensory exploration, improved fine motor skills, creative play, reduced anxiety, language and cognitive development.

So, if you are a fan of sensory bins, why not set up a spring-themed one? Here is some inspiration for you.

This is a great season with gentle temperatures, freshness and the smell of new beginnings. The perfect time to organize some nice things to do over the spring break with the whole family.

I hope these spring bucket list ideas will bring you some inspiration and help you enjoy this wonderful season to the max.

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  1. These are such fun ideas. We have already done some of these activities, but I look forward to visiting a farm and starting our garden!

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