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Easter week activities for kids- 7 Fun Egg Games

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Easter is the most important Christian festival when worshipers celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Over time, Easter, like Christmas, has gathered many customs, some borrowed from Pagan traditions.

Today we enjoy eating Easter lamb, hot cross buns and chocolate bunnies and eggs, we wait for the gift-bearing Easter bunny, we fast, go to church, dye eggs, have a nice family meal and do specific Easter activities. Each family has its own traditions that it upholds every year.

For the youngest family members, Easter is an exciting time, when they get some time off school, they get presents from the Easter Bunny and get to do some fun Easter specific activities.

If you are not sure what activities to prepare for your little one this year, worry not. We’ve gathered eight insanely fun Easter week activities that involve eggs. The great thing about these games is that you do not need many materials or spend a lot of time prepping.

Furthermore, they are so fun that the whole family can join in.

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Easter Egg Activities

For some of these games, it will be up to you whether you use real eggs or plastic ones (if you do not mind a little mess, then I think the real eggs are the way to go).

1. Egg Dance

Egg Dance is an old traditional Easter game (some say as early as 1557) that involves laying eggs on the ground and dancing among them while trying to damage as few as possible.

If you play it outside and you are brave enough, I dare you to use raw eggs, haha. If not, hard-boiled eggs will do just fine. But if you want to play it on the safe side, simply use plastic eggs.

You can make the game more challenging by blindfolding the dancers.

I would make it a rule that dancers have to actually move as opposed to dancing on the spot, thus avoiding damaging any eggs.

This is a great party game both for kids and adults. Just imagine the fun and giggles.

2. Basket the eggs

For this game, you will need a basket and some eggs (hard-boiled, plastic or chocolate eggs depending on your preference).

The purpose of the game is for the players to throw the basket so that it lands on an egg. The eggs have been previously laid on the floor and a designated area has been set from where the players will throw the basket.

Another version of this game is that the players hold the basket on the tip of their feet, hop close to the egg and try to flip the basket so that it lands over the egg.

Both versions of this egg activity are not only fun but will practice balance, hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills.

3. Egg Toss

The game starts with the players facing each other, relatively close together and tossing the egg from one person to the other. After three throws (you can establish the number of tosses yourselves), each player will take one step back, thus increasing the distance between them.

The game continues in the same manner until one of the players drops the egg.

Egg toss can be played with real eggs (raw or hard-boiled), plastic or chocolate eggs.


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4. Egg knocking

Egg knocking or egg tapping is a traditional Easter egg activity dating back to the 15th century. Usually, coloured eggs are used but uncoloured eggs can be used as well.

Egg knocking requires at least two players and the eggs must be hard-boiled for this game.

One player will hold his egg tip up (the small end up) while the other player taps it with his egg tip. The player whose egg has been broken loses and the winner moves on to the next opponent.

5. Egg Hunt

A little boy picking up eggs during an egg hunt

This list of Easter week ideas involving eggs wouldn’t be complete without the popular egg hunt.

The basic rules of the game are that a number of eggs are hidden so that the children can find them.

Each family has its own little traditions regarding the game of Egg Hunt. Some play it outside, while others play it indoors.

Some use real, hard-boiled, decorated eggs, while others use chocolate or surprise eggs.

Children can have friendly competitions like who can find the most eggs, or who finds the biggest/smallest egg.

6. Egg Drop Challenge

This is a fantastic game that will encourage critical thinking, imagination, creativity, memory and problem-solving skills among others.

I would suggest forming pairs so that you can bounce ideas off each other, plus kids can learn the value of teamwork and cooperation.

The purpose of the game is to wrap the egg in protective material so that it survives a drop. When it comes to the materials used, your imagination is the limit.

7. Egg Shell Mini Garden

little boy making a garden from cracked egg shells

Instead of throwing away those eggshells why don’t use them to start a mini garden.

Take some cracked eggshells, put them in an egg carton and fill them with soil (ideally with a seed starting mix but any soil will do). Put them somewhere warm and sunny and mist them whenever needed.

Now just wait for the little plants to grow.

8. Egg Time Capsule

Get a fairly sized plastic egg (these eggs are perfect for the task) and have your child fill it with Easter-related objects. Depending on the age of the child s/he could also write a letter or record a short video. These could contain thoughts and predictions for the next year, wishes and plans.

The next step is to put the object(s) in the egg, seal it and bury it somewhere.

Dig it up the following Easter and rediscover the treasures inside.

Mother and daughter doing an egg activity

These Holy week family activities with eggs are the perfect way to keep the fun going, whether it is for a party or just daily entertainment while the kids are on holiday.

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  1. Such great Easter activity ideas! I think the egg drop challenge sounds like a lot of fun. We will have to try it this year!

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