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Top 10 Mom Hacks I Use On A Daily Basis

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Are you finding many challenges in motherhood? Motherhood should be beautiful, not hard. That is when mom hacks come in!

I have been a mom for four years now, and I had two under two. I went through hell, but today I am happy to say that I am thriving in motherhood.

Let me tell you that throughout these four years, I have learned so many tricks and hacks I wished I knew when I first had my son. There are so many mom hacks out there that can make motherhood easier! Not to mention that there are also great mommy apps that can help you thrive!

But these are the ten mom hacks I use on a daily basis, and they are worth knowing about. 

1.   Layer Sheets and Mattresses On Your Child’s Bed

Accidents during the night drove me crazy! My son would literally have three accidents a night. He pees a lot! I would have to get up, change him, and then take him out of the crib and place him on the bed so I could change the sheets.

Well, I don’t do this now!

He occasionally has accidents, and I now place a sheet under a waterproof sheet. So when he has an accident, I just remove the waterproof sheet and there is a sheet already placed.

I also leave a wet bag next to his crib. I place all his dirty clothes and dirty sheets in the bag. This way I wouldn’t have to go to the laundry room. 

2.   Give Your Child A Banana To Eat Right Before Sleeping

Give your child a banana to eat before sleeping.

Bananas are filled with different nutrients that can aid in a good night’s sleep. Bananas have tryptophan which increases sleep time and decreases the time one takes to fall asleep. They also contain magnesium and potassium which both prevent disturbance in sleep.

When my son was young he would sleep so well. Once he turned one, sleeping was a nightmare for me. Every time I would fall asleep he would get up for some reason. So, that is when I began searching for ways to help my son sleep. He is sleeping very well now! Talk about great mom hacks!

3.   Cleaning Kids Toys

We all know that kids’ toys need to be cleaned. You can simply clean them in a dishwasher or place them in a laundry bag and just throw them in the washer machine.

It will cause a lot of noise so just go out at that time. It is important to keep the children’s toys clean because they can transfer viruses from one child to another especially if you have an infant and toddler.

Find out which educational toys What Does Mamma Say recommends!

4.   Trash Can In The Car

Keep a trash can in the car. You may have to stop and change your child’s diaper. Your child may have a runny nose. Where are you going to put all those tissues?

Trust me, every time I went out without a trash can in the car, I regretted it! My car became a mess.

So, save yourself time and trouble and just place a trash can in the car. Dump it out once a week and there you have it, a clean car. 

5.   Emergency Bags

I cannot emphasize more the importance of having emergency bags! You can never guess when an emergency will occur and how much time you have to get your kids and leave the house.

Just imagine there was a fire in your complex, the fire alarm for the entire complex goes off, and your children are scared and screaming. You grab them and get out quickly.

Unfortunately, you had no time to grab jackets for your kids and it is freezing outside. You don’t need to be put in such a position because you would have an emergency bag with you. 

I always leave an emergency bag next to my door with extra diapers, baby wipes, formula, a sippy cup, water bottles, snacks, jackets, and extra car keys.

6.   Prepare Kids Lunches For The Entire Week

Mornings are always chaotic when you have children. You will know this when your child becomes a toddler. Trying to grab them to put shoes or a jacket on will take a lot of energy from you.

If you want your mornings a bit quieter, here is one of the greatest hot hacks: prepare lunches beforehand!

Every Sunday, I create a weekly lunch menu and prepare the lunches. I store them in ziploc bags and place the ziploc bags in tupperware. This way I don’t need to worry about lunches for the whole week!

7.   Diapers and Wipes Should Be Found In All Rooms

If your children are not potty trained yet, have a basket in each room filled with diapers and wipes. You should not waste your time going upstairs just to change a diaper.

Also, most children can have two bowel movements within one hour more than once in a lifetime. So, just keep the supplies near you. 

Another mom hack, keep an empty basket in each room. Everytime you find a toy on the floor, throw it into an empty basket. Each night, put the toys back where they are supposed to be. 

8.   Shop Online– the easiest mom hack

Taking kids to a grocery store sucks. Well, at least it did for me. I don’t feel like dealing with tantrums in public. So, I began shopping online.

It was much easier for me and that way I didn’t have to take both my kids out and listen to my son ask for a toy car. He has a hundred of them; I am not exaggerating. But, for some reason, he always wants more. 

9.   Schedule

Everyone knows that children thrive on schedules. I did not know this at first. Trust me, pick a routine and stick to it. To start a routine with your little ones, you could use a visual schedule!

The tantrums will decrease, they will sleep longer and you will have more time to work. I follow the Moms On Call Schedule and it works well for both my baby and toddler.  

10.                 Wake Up An Hour Earlier

One of the most practical mom hacks! I do this every day. At first, it was really difficult. That is because I wasn’t getting enough sleep. But, one day I decided I need to get up and see if it is better. So, I did.

I was able to answer a few emails, drink a cup of coffee, put some makeup on and dress for the day.

My entire day was more productive, and I was less stressed. So, now I always wake up an hour earlier. It doesn’t have to be an hour. It could be as little as ten minutes. Trust me, it is worth it!


Being a mom is difficult. But, there are so many tips and hacks that can help you through the journey of motherhood. I hope these mom hacks help you!

But, remember to enjoy your time with your children. They will grow up one day, and you will miss their hugs, kisses and cute laughs!


Halimeh Salem is an English teacher, a freelance writer, and a mother of two beautiful children, Basem and Mama.

To pursue her dream of helping mothers overcome the obstacles of motherhood, she founded her own blog, Crying Toddlers. She loves spending her free time playing with her children and helping others.

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7 thoughts on “Top 10 Mom Hacks I Use On A Daily Basis”

  1. These are great tips! A trash can in the car is a must. And I love your tip about emergency bags! I will definitely get those put together soon!

  2. These were great mom hacks. I have to try out the banana and pack an emergency bag. I definitely shop online. Shopping with toddlers is way too hard. Thank goodness for Amazon.

  3. Excellent tips. Love the emergency bag – just be sure to check it from time to time as kids grow, diaper sizes change. We had that problem once and we’ll, it meant a late trip to a 24 hour store.

  4. These are great tips! I love the idea of putting layers of crib sheets so it’s easier to change them after accidents in the middle of the night. That’s a great idea. I have an almost 3-year-old and what has helped me is curbside pickup which is offered everywhere now.

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