How to Spend Father’s Day in 2020

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Daddy, pops, papa, pere, tata, baba, whatever the name, soon we will be celebrating those who make these names possible. This celebration has been around since 1910, but father’s day in 2020 will be quite different. Living in unprecedented times, we will have to be creative and find great ways to celebrate the man of the house in lockdown or small gatherings.

Can’t think of anything? Don’t worry, we thought of 8 fun and cheap ways in which the whole family can express their love and appreciation for the one and only, dad.The activities below require no money, but lots of love and involvement.

But first, grab those freebies below. Your children can show their love for their dad with a funny message, a colouring page or a diploma.


1. Family role play game

This can be great fun because dad will get a chance to see himself through someone else’s eyes. And what better pair of eyes to ask for than your family’s? Change roles and decide who gets to play dad: mom or the children. Act and dress like the man of the house. Do everything he does every day, try to imitate the way he talks and walks as well.

You could do this all day if you are enjoying the game. Wouldn’t it be fun to see dad act like mum all day? “Hey, put those socks away right now!”. “Time for dineeeer.” Swap roles during the game and let someone else impersonate dad. Mum should be perfect for the role of dad. Get your revenge, ladies, don’t put those socks away! Ha!


Father's Day IN 2020


2. Make a project together

My husband loves to play with lego with our son. Why not turn this into a family activity and build something together? You could build a model railway/boat/helicopter or build a full-size lego dad. Maybe make a baseball lamp or any other diy that the man of the house would enjoy.

The idea is to let your husband have a great time doing something he enjoys. But now the whole family can be by his side. Ok, so maybe you’re not a big fan of saws and hammers. I am not either, I don’t even know the name of most of his tools. But for one day I can learn to be the greatest builder (assistant builder??). Follow this link to find many great DIYs perfect for father’s day fun.


3. Childhood memories

Father's Day 2020

Wouldn’t it be nice to offer your husband a glimpse into his childhood? Share as a family all of the funny, endearing and important events that shaped his childhood and adolescence. Contact all members of his family and ask for photos. Maybe you will discover photos not even your husband knows about.

Try to arrange a photo display around the house or set up a slideshow, grab some popcorn and start reminiscing. This is a wonderful way for your kids to get to know their father from a different perspective and for all the family to bond.


4. Prepare his favourite dish

They don’t say that “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” for nothing. We all have our favourite food that we enjoy eating and our man of the house is no different. Plus, bringing the family together around good food is one of the best ways of bonding.

So, get your apron, heat up the pans and start chopping and cutting and grating. It would be great if everybody in the household could contribute to daddy’s surprise meal. Involve even the youngest member of the family with tasks that are well suited for his/her age.

Ideally, as this is meant to be a surprise, make sure daddy is distracted with something or, even better, out of the house. When he comes home, taa-daa, the table is nicely set and has his favourite dish.

Not in the mood for cooking? No problem!


5. Order his favourite takeaway

Father’s Day in 2020 is a bit of a weird one. In some regions, restaurants are not an option yet. But that’s not a problem since we still have takeaway.

Think of what style of food daddy likes. Whether it’s Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Indian, Mediterranean Cuisine or local delicacies. Pamper daddy by secretly ordering his favourite dish, setting the table up and having the best family takeaway dinner.


6. Organize a Game Night

Even though he is the man of the house, daddy is still a kid at heart who loves playing. So organizing a game night is a great inexpensive thing to do for Father’s Day this year.

Dust off those board games take out the playing cards, prepare the snacks and enjoy a fantastic evening with the family playing daddy’s favourite games. If you need some inspiration, check out these great family games that are super easy to set up and most importantly hilariously funny.

Does daddy love computer games? Great! Bring out your most comfortable cushions, don’t forget the snacks and play away. There are some great video games for the whole family out there that will guarantee hours of entertainment.


7. Organize a Father’s Day Treasure Hunt

Father’s Day in 2020 is definitely not like the rest. If you want to make it truly unforgettable, show your appreciation by organizing a Treasure Hunt for dad.

It’s so easy to set up and incredibly fun. Just DOWNLOAD our ready-made, super-cool Father’s Day Treasure Hunt, print it, cut the tickets, put them in the places indicated by the clues and watch daddy as he discovers the tickets with special quotes one by one.

The last clue will lead him to a treasure. It could be anything. Just think of something that your super-hero dad would like.

Here are where you have to hide the heartfelt messages:

  1. where he keeps his toothbrush
  2. in the coffee jar
  3. in the washing machine
  4. on/around/under the TV remote control
  5. on/under the pillow
  6. under the kitchen table
  7. in the bookcase (or where you keep all your books)

The form you have selected does not exist.

Do something different for Father’s Day in 2020 and play this Treasure Hunt. It is a refreshing way of telling daddy how much you love him and appreciate him.


8. Do a science project together

Science projects are immensely fun not only because it’s the kids’ chance to get messy or see how the world works but also because it means valuable time spent together.

So, for Father’s Day this year, put on your science goggles and gloves and do some exciting experiments.

You don’t have to be an expert in Chemistry or Physics. There are so many simple and easy to set up science experiments out there.

You can take a look at this list of 10 Sites for Kids who Love Science to get some inspiration for cool experiments to do together.


A father is his son’s or daughter’s superhero, role model, mentor, clown, coach, pillar of stability. He is his child’s greatest supporter and fierce defender. Being a dad is the greatest responsibility a man can ever have. He has to be a role model for his children, someone they can look up to and be proud of.

On this special day, we want to celebrate all the dads of the world and show them all our appreciation and love for everything that they do.

Happy Father’s Day!

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  1. Taking a walk down memory lane with photos and conversation is always pleasurable, and adding game night is the icing on the cake.

  2. I think these will be useful beyond 2020. They are awesome suggestions! I just hope I buy his favourite takeaway and not mine! lol

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