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How to choose the best preschool games

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Are you looking for some exciting games for little kids? In this article we have focused on two key elements: the right way to choose the best preschool games and some examples of the four main areas of children development.

What to consider when choosing games for your little ones

Many people browse the Internet to find good ideas for games. However, finding good ideas, such as board games or group games, does not mean that these are the best kind of games for your child.Each child is unique and activities and games must be chosen according to your child’s abilities and preferences, and age of development.

If you want to choose a unique game or a learning activity for your little one, we are here to help. In order to choose the best preschool games for your children, you must first know what is essential for them during this age.

During the first years of life, there are changes in the physical, emotional, social, and cognitive development of your child.

Physical Games

The primary skills that develop in a child are fine motor and gross motor skills. This means that you have to make sure to encourage games that include running, jumping, climbing and also coordination-challenging activities.

A hilarious example that includes activities that challenge both gross and fine motor skills is relay games. This is one of the best preschool games because you can practice it not only in pairs or in groups, but also individually. By including dares such as jumping on one leg or walking fast while holding a spoon with a boiled egg, you can combine fun and laughter with development activities. 

Emotional Games

At the age of 3, independence begins to develop. Even though it can be tricky, this is highly crucial for other areas of the child`s life. Bear in mind that development varies from child to child so appreciate your child’s uniqueness and choose activities appropriately.

Emotional intelligence is not something we are born with – you must develop it. In order to support your child develop it, you can include games that require an understanding of other people`s emotions.

Have a look at this amazing little learner activity book that offers great ideas for social-emotional development.

Of course, you can also help children by discussing a movie, but you can also try an off-screen activity. You can give tasks to your children and ask them to express emotions and try to describe how they feel.

Social Games

Emotional development and intelligence are a pre-requisite for good social development. At the age of 3, children start to communicate with each other differently. Communication in a group, developing friendships, understand the term “ownership” (which is mine and which is not) are part of the things that happen in the life of a 3-year-old and are very important for their future life and development.

To help children develop social skills, you can use board games. We also recommend preschool games that include physical activity, especially when the weather allows it. Motivate your child to take part in outdoor group games when it is nice and sunny and if you have the chance, organise such games with your neighbours` children. This is a great step towards pre-school games.

Cognitive Games

Around the age of 3, most children start the questioning phase. This is a period when their memory, imagination, and language development burst. A basic understanding of shapes, numbers, letters develops too.

The best preschool games that help children’s thinking skills are those that require talking or games that help children become patient. If your child does not have older brothers or sisters, you may invite other families with older children to come over and play.

Games with older kids are beneficial because 3 years old children love to copy others. You can check out this list of best games for 3 year olds 2021 for inspiration.


To make sure you choose the best preschool games, try to choose games that are challenging enough for your children. Look for games that involve two or more of the focus areas that we mentioned.

Always offer engaging off-screen activities and ideas to your kids.

Time outside with friends and cooperative games are always very beneficial at this age.

I have asked a mother of 5 what is the most important lesson she has learnt, and she told me:

“Do not raise the bar too high. Expectations may sometimes play a negative role in your parenting style, be careful with this.

We know that balance is challenging but is vital if you want to rear a happy, intelligent and healthy kid.”


This article was written by Wallecom. The two voices behind Wallecom are Dani Cvetanov, a preschool teacher, mother and speech therapist, and Nick Cvetanov, a specialist in sports and nutrition.

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  1. This is an informative and very helpful post. As a mom, we want the best for our kids but sometimes do not know where to start. I sure didn’t. I love how you broke it down so that it isn’t just saying play this game or do this activity but rather explain why certain ones are beneficial.

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