Father's Day gift ideas

Cool Father’s Day Gift Ideas Dad Will Love

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Are you looking for the perfect gift for the dad, husband or father-in-law in your life? Let´s face it. Sometimes it can be tricky to find that perfect present. Not to mention that with so many options out there it gets overwhelming. 

Don´t worry! If you are looking for cool father’s day gift ideas look no further. This post will give you all the inspiration that you need to find the perfect gift for the special man of the house no matter the preferences.

This post may contain affiliate links and I may earn a small commission when you click on the links at no additional cost to you. As an Amazon Affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases. You can read my full disclosure here.

Gifts for the Outdoorsy Dad

BBQ Grill Tools Set

For the man who loves a good BBQ, you can´t go wrong with a fancy set of tools that will help him cook those steaks and sausages to perfection.

The set contains an engraved statula an tongs, a digital meat thermometer and a beautiful case. The tools are made of durable stainless steel with wooden handles that are dishwasher safe. And because what is a BBQ without a beer in hand, the spatula is equipped with a bottle opener at the base of the handle.

Stainless Steel Bottle Insulator

What could be worse than a warm beer on a hot day? That´s simply not right. Make sure this doesn´t happen with the Stainless Steel Bottle Insulator that guarantees to keep your drink cold.

It works universally with 12 oz bottles and cans. The set includes a spacer which means that it works with 12oz drinks of any height. And if you are worried about those pesky flies that might want a sip or the drink going flat, the silicone stopper will help maintain carbonation in and insects out while you enjoy a dip in the pool or a pleasant conversation by the BBQ.

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

This one is for the dad who loves his music everywhere he goes, no matter the weather. This little device is surprisingly powerful with 5W loud HD sound, super compact, shock resistant, dust and waterproof. It is the perfect companion for hiking, camping, kayaking, BBQs and any other adventure that you will go on. It can even be completely submerged in water for up to 30 minutes. It has a built-in mic for hands-free calls, a USB charging cable and a lanyard, plus it comes with convenient a suction cup.

FitBit Versa 2

The Fitbit Versa 2 Smartwatch allows you to access the world from your wrist. Besides doing the usual smartwatch things like monitoring overall health (heart rate, sleep time and sleep score, steps, calories burnt, distance, hourly activity etc), managing your calls, texts, calendar, it can also be integrated with Alexa to get the latest news and information, control your smart home, set timers and alarms and much more. The Fitbit Versa Smartwatch also allows you to take your music with you through apps like Spotify and Pandora.

Universal Waterproof Phone Pouch

If you are planning on a relaxing beach or pool day, a boating adventure or going on an exciting snorkelling trip, make sure that you keep your phone and your important papers safe and dry with this Waterproof pouch.

The screen touch sensibility means that you can work your phone while it’s in the pouch. You can type, take photos, make videos underwater. Plus, the pouch comes with a fluorescent ornament that will help you find it in the dark. How cool is that?

The waterproof phone case will fit most phone sizes up to 6.8″.

Gifts for the Indoors Dad

Whiskey Gift Set

Show dad how much you appreciate him with this fancy whiskey gift set that contains two elegant cristal whiskey glasses, reusable whiskey stones that will ensure that your drink stays cold but is never diluted, non-sticky tongs, a premium stainless stell C. cutter, a velvet freezer bag and a high-quality, natural pine wood box to store your whiskey accessories.

Without doubt this whiskey set offers one of the best quality-price ratios out there.

Indoor Electric Grill

Is the weather acting up and you´ve got guests arriving for a BBQ? Or maybe you simply can’t be asked to prep the outside BBQ and deal with all the smoke. Don’t worry! This indoor electric grill is the tool for you when you want perfectly cooked barbecue meat right in the comfort of your home.

The built-in cross flow fan ensures that there is no smoke and the double U heating tubes will seal in the flavour and moisture always bringing you the juicyest steak. It comes with 2 non-stick plates, a grill plate and a griddle plate, which means that you can use this fantastic device not only for BBQs but also to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner thus replacing other cooking devices.

Ultimate Grilling Spice Set

Since we are talking about BBQs it would be a shame not to take it ti the next level with this ultimate Grilling Spice set. The pack contains 20 rubs and spices to expertly season your food. The flavours include Lime Chipotle, Chili Rosemary, Jalapeno, Black Cajun, Chili Parsley, Memphis, Cayenne, Garlic Salt, Italian, Thyme Salt, Jamaican, Caribbean, Southwest, Mexican, Montreal, Chili Onion, Cajun, Chili Salt, Chili Garlic and Rosemary & Herb Salt seasonings. So, basically there is something for everyone in this fantastic spice set.

Weighted Blanket

After a long working day, dad will surely appreciate a good night´s sleep. This weighted blanket will help him do just that. Weighted blankets have shown positive results when it comes to sleep troubles, anxiety, calming a restless body and even more serious conditions like ADHD and autism. The material the blanket is made of is of the highest quality that lets your skin breathe.

Coffee Maker Set

Dad loves his morning coffee and has a whole ritual surrounding it. If this is your case as well, then you can’t go wrong with this super coffee set. This will be one of the best father’s day gift that you can come up with.

This fancy all-in-one coffee kit contains a Pour Over Gooseneck Kettle with Thermometer, a Coffee Grinder, and a Paperless Coffee Brewer.

Nothing compares to a freshly brewed cup of steaming coffee to chase away the morning numbness.

For the Tech Dad

3-in-1 Charging Station

Always have your devices ready to go and charged up with this 3-in-1 charging dock. It allows 3 devices to be charged simultaneously: your mobile phone, smartwatch and airpods. The charging station is compatible with both iPhones and Samsung phones as wel as other wireless devices. It has a built-in safeguard against overcharging which means that your devices will not only be safe but also charging fast. It uses a non-slip automatic control technology to ensure that your devices won´t fall or move while charging.

Digital Picture Frame

A picture is worth a thousand words and when it comes to family photos nothing makes a more thoughtful, personalized gift than a digital picture frame. The Skylight picture frame is very easy to set up, just plug in, connect to wi-fi using the touch screen, create a unique Skylight email address and email your chosen photos to the frame´s address. That´s it. Once you do that, the photos will appear on the frame’s screen instantly and you will be able to enjoy all those precious memories.

Nintendo Switch Lite

For the gamer dad who is always on the move, a Nintendo Switch Lite will allow him to take his most beloved games wherever he goes.

It is comfortable to hold and the material it’s made of feels nice to the touch and most importantly won´t slip out of your hands. It has a 5.5″ screeen which means greater ease of use as a handheld device.

If you are a Nintendo user and want to take your games with you, then the Nintendo Switch Lite is the perfect purchase.

Back and Neck Massage Pillow

Daddy deserves all the pampering and relaxation because they do so much for us. Say “thank you!” with this awesome back and neck massage pillow that will guaranteed take care of his tired muscles.

The pillow has 3-dimensional deep-kneading shiatsu massage nodes that automatically change direction every minute for a perfect massage every time. It can be used for your neck, upper and lower back, abdomen, calfs or the tigh area. It also has advanced heating function that will reallyb soothe aching muscles.

Smart Reusable Notebook

Do you want to do your bit for the planet? Reduce paper waste with this Smart Reusable Notebook. It is the perfect gift for father’s day.

Simply write your notes like you would in any notebook, scan them with your phone and then send them to your cloud service of choice. Then, when the 36 pages are full, simply wipe them clean and start over.

The pack comes with the notebook, a Pilot FriXion pen and a microfiber towel.

Personalized Gifts for Dad

Leather Keychain

If you are looking for a personalized gift for dad but do not want to break the bank, this leather keychain is the answer. It is made of durable cowhide leather so you can be sure that dad will be able to cherish it for years to come. It comes already engraved with the words “Dad” (on the front of the keychain) and “You will always be my hero” (on the back). Your chosen photo can be put in the stainless steel insert inside the keychain making this gift personal and special.

Engraved Leather Wallet

One of the best father’s day gift ideas is a beautifully engraved leather wallet. Write a heartfelt message for your dad, husband, granddad or father-in-law that he will see every time he opens the wallet.

The wallet is big enough for all the important papers, cards and bills and comes with RFID blocking technology.

Personalized Book for Dad

This personalized book will probably squeeze a happy tear or two from dad. What could be more unique and thoughtful than a book made by your loved one on Father’s Day?

“A Little Book about my Awesome Dad” contains 34 pages with simple, sweet prompts to be filled out like “My Dad is special because…”, “My Dad makes me laugh when…”, “My favourite thing about my Dad…” and many more. There are also spaces where you can add, thoughts, drawings, photos, stickers or anything else that will make this book unique.

If you have a younger child, then parent supervision will be required, also, since the book has quite a few pages, you might want to spread this project over a period of a few days.

Personalized Pocket Knife

If Dad likes spending time outside and finding adventure wherever he goes, then a personalized pocket knife will be that thoughtful gift that he will love.

Simply send the manufacturer the message that you want to be engraved on the pocket knife (note that the price is only for one side to be engraved) and you will receive a beautiful, meaningful, personalized gift that your loved one will surely enjoy.

Engraved Link Bracelet

This engraved bracelet would be a truly thoughtful gift for Father’s Day. The process to personalize the bracelet is straightforward. You can either choose a ready-made message or custom engraving.

If you select custom engraving, the next step is to choose one of the available fonts and write the message that you want. After this, simply “add to cart” and this beautiful engraved bracelet will be on its way.

Fashionable Dad

Set of Stylish Cufflinks

Having the right kind of cufflinks is a subtle way of refining an elegant outfit. Whether Dad is wearing a shirt for work every day or just for occasions, having a beautiful set of cufflinks is a must.

The set comes with an assortment of12 pairs of cufflinks that will offer flexibility and variety at a very affordable price.

Professional Grooming Kit

Dad loves to take care of his beautiful hair and beard but hasn’t got the time to go to a barber’s. The solution is simple. This Father’s Day surprise him with a professional hair and beard trimmer. It´s a multipurpose set that includes the hair clipper machine with LED display, a cape, lubricating oil, cleaning brush, comb, and guard attachments for different hair lengths (0.5 to 20.7mm).

This professional grooming kit is the perfect gift for the man who loves to look good in any situation.

Beard Kit

Since we are talking about the fashionable Dad who loves grooming his hair and beard, we couldn´t possibly leave out this fantastic Beard Kit.

The kit contains Beard Shampoo Wash, Beard Conditioner Oil, Beard Care Balm, Styling Comb, Bamboo Brush, Steel Scissor, Storage Bag and Beard Bible Ebook. You simply couldn´t ask for more.

Necktie and Pocket Square Set

Every respectable man’s wardrobe should contain a few neckties for different occasions. So, a cool Father´s Day gift would be this Necktie and Pocket Square set for a completely elegant look.

The set comes with three different style tie combinations complete with matching handkerchiefs that are suitable for various occasions like weddings, partier or business meetings. The material is high-quality and weighted which means you are able to make the perfect knot every time.

Soft Hooded Robe

Nothing says cosy better than a super soft, hooded fleece robe that can be worn during those chilly evenings or mornings. There is a choice between four colours: navy, black, burgundy and grey.

The bathrobe is light weighted, warm and extremely soft with two generous pockets and a hoodie.

The thing about bathrobes is that nobody knows that they need a robe until they get one, right?

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Dad is that special person who supports you no matter what, inspires and motivates you, loves you unconditionally and gives the best bear hugs in the world. I hope you find inspiration for the perfect Father’s Day gift within this post that will make Dad feel truly unique and loved.

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