how to talk to children about isolation

How to tell your little one about isolation

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You’re not even 3 and you had to learn about isolation during a pandemic

tell toddlers about isolation

We live in England now and things look sad. On the news, on the streets, in the shops. People are worried about the future and are afraid of not knowing how to make this stop. Yes, we too worry, but I want you to see beyond this, little one.

Find the good in everything that is happening. It only seems it isn’t there. You get to spend time with daddy now, he is home with us every day. And we’ll have fun together and wait for life to go back to the way it was.

And we do get to spend time with other people too, cause every week, at 8 o’clock, people across England gather around their windows to clap for doctors and all those who help us now when we need it the most. And it feels great to be together and share some hope and happiness

You’re not even 3 and you will soon learn the true beauty of people’s brains in times of great need.

It’s already been a few months since people started getting sick and things have changed so very quickly that many didn’t even have time to react. To all those that suffered and suffer, we send love.

Others send love too, but not only love, but they also help. Some others gather and work hard to make things better, to create and find solutions. It does seem like a great big game of puzzle, but there are still many more pieces to be found and put into place.

The beauty of being a grown-up doing puzzles however is that you always find ways to put all the pieces together.

And the harder the puzzle, the more creative adults become.

3 April 2020. A day like any other day, were it not for this. I will not even name it, I will simply say it’s a game that allows do-overs. Some time from now we’ll look back on this isolation time as a difficult game with rules to learn.

And I do hope that we will learn from it, learn to think hard about what is really important and get a do-over.

Fear not, little one, life is hard, but that is what makes it beautiful. And we become more beautiful with it.




P.S. Another simple way in which you could explain isolation and the pandemic to a child is through a social story. This social story is simple and the illustrations are child-friendly, so it will certainly help your child understand.

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20 thoughts on “How to tell your little one about isolation”

  1. This is so helpful! I have a 4 year old daughter and last night she was really sad and telling me how much she misses her friends. I felt so bad. She’s been pretty good about the whole thing, but it gets to them even sometimes and I find myself looking for new words and ways to explain it to her. Thank you for giving us an exact script that we as parents can follow.

  2. This is so helpful! I have a four year old daughter and last night she was really upset and telling me how much she missed her friends at school. I felt so bad. She’s been pretty good about the whole thing, but it gets to her some days and I find myself looking for new ways to explain it to her. Thank you for sharing an exact script for parents to follow!

  3. I struggled with that with my son tbh, it was difficult for me to explain to him why we can’t go out to the park. I was honest with him and explained to him what is going on, he gets it.

  4. I can imagine this is tough for small kids. My kids are older and they have their rough days but at least they understand why they can’t be with their friends.

  5. Isolation has not been fun with toddlers. I have kids from teenager to toddler and I can say that this has defiantly been the hardest on the toddler. She thinks that all of her friends are still going to dance class and church and that I am the one that is keeping her away from them. She just does not understand that they are all at home as well and that I have been working hard to protect her.

  6. It has been tough for my kids as well . They keep asking when the schools are going to open when they can see their friends- I just say I don’t know. The most important thing is health and safety.

  7. I can’t imagine how hard it is to explain something like a pandemic to a child. These resources seem really helpful! It’s good to point out that kids are learning about empathy and human creativity, it definitely sheds a positive light on the issue!

  8. Isolation is tough on everyone but for kids it’s maybe even worse as they learn the life from what they see and observe. Exposure to ‘real life’s is so crucial in early stages. Well, hopefully babies can be engaged in fun activities at home with their families and learn to love and support each other. Nicely written

  9. This is so helpful, my sister she usually shares with me how difficult it is for her to explain his 5 year old son about this pandemic. Now I will be advising her based on this article. Thanks 🙂

  10. I love this post! Parents need information on how to deal with explaining this to kids. I have had some really difficult conversations with my kids. Love this post!! <3

  11. Jolene doesn’t really understand either. We tell her that we can’t go outside because the Corona Virus is there. It doesn’t scare her, he just keeps asking if the Corona virus is gone. I don’t think she’ll remember these times at all.

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