Learn it 2 Earn it App- Encouraging Independent Learning for Kids

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We are going through interesting times, aren’t we? Times when pushed by the current situation, we had to adapt, learn new skills, become more patient and ultimately resilient. 

But it wasn´t just us, adults that had to adapt to a whole new way of life. Our kids had to do it as well. For a while at least in some areas, there were no playdates, no going out and almost no interraction except with the family members. Not only that but even the way they learned changed for a while. The entire educational system moved online. All of a sudden laptops, tablets and mobile devices replaced the physical classrooms. Talking about big changes, right? But no matter what, education has to go on because our entire society depends on it.

Kids are highly adaptable and made the best out of an imperfect situation. I bet that many kids were thrilled to be able to have so much screen time every day. I would also venture a guess that some kids sneaked in a quick game or two when they should´ve done some homework or listened to their teachers.

All of a sudden parents had the extra task of keeping an eye on their children and overseeing their education at home. So, in order to help those parents and also encourage kids to learn knowing that their effort will be rewarded with a much-coveted game, the developers from LI2EI came to the rescue.

This post has been written in collaboration with LI2EI. This is my honest review, all opinions are my own.

What is Learn it 2 Earn it App?

Learn it 2 Earn is an App available both on Android and iOS that motivates kids to learn on their own in order to earn screen time for games or surfing the internet.

The App is suitable for kids ages 5 and 11 (kindergarten level all the way up to 5th grade) and focuses on Math and Reading exercises. Learn it 2 Earn it contains over 90000 Math exercises adapted for your child’s age. The Reading section has original content that, besides refining the students’ reading skills and comprehension of the text, also teaches them about literature, science, history etc.

Some Cool features that Learn it 2 Earn it has

The reason why this app is so appealing for parents is that it gives them full control over the learning and recreational time of their child. When you enable the “Device Protection Mode” your child will not be able to exit the app or uninstall it unless s/he has finished the lesson and earned recreational time. If you want to disable the Protection Mode you will receive a code either via text or email that you will enter when prompted. So, unless the child has access to your mobile device or email, s/he has no way of exiting the app.

The Time Bank feature allows you to decide on how much time you will allow your child to spend outside the app playing games or surfing the internet. It can be as little as 1 minute and up to 60 minutes. If you choose, for example, 15 minutes, the device will be unlocked for this amount of time and the child will be able to use it however s/he wishes. When the 15 minutes are up the Learn it 2 Earn it App pops up on the screen and learning resumes.

The “Learn” feature will take you to a screen where you can decide what your child´s focus will be: Maths or Reading. Each completed lesson will earn the child a certain number of minutes that can be used outside the app.

Another cool thing is that you will receive weekly reports, statistics and insights regarding your child’s progress on your registered email.

Setting up Learn it 2 Earn it App

Getting Learn it 2 Earn it to work is pretty straight forward. After you have installed the app on the preffered device, open it and the first step is to set up an account. You will be asked to offer information like your date of birth, the child´s or children´s name(s), their grade and ages. Then you will be prompted to agree to their Terms & Conditions.

The second step is to choose the package that best suits your needs. There are two options currently: The monthly plan and the annual plan.

After you have done this, you are pretty much good to go. Enable the “Device protection mode” and just relax knowing that your little one will not be surfing the internet when s/he should be learning.

How much is Learn it 2 Earn it?

As I said above, currently they offer two memberships options: the monthly plan or the annual plan

Both for the monthly and annual you have the option to choose how many children will use the app: 1 child/2-3 children/ 4-6 children. The pricing for each is different.

Monthly plan: 1 child- $9.99

2-3 children – $18.99

4-6 children – $32.99

Yearly plan: 1 child – $89.99

2-3 children – $179.99

4-6 children – $349.99

My thoughts on Learn it 2 Earn it App


  • The app is pretty easy to use, even for a person who is not tech-savvy like myself. There aren’t many features to make the app overwhelming and it will do what it says.
  • It is child-friendly, nicely coloured without being hard on the eyes.
  • The menu is easy to navigate for kids and parents alike
  • The fonts that they use are big enough and clear so that it’s easy to read even on smaller devices.
  • The lessons have progressive difficulty
  • They spend enough time on one concept, for example, simple addition, before moving on to the next one
  • Children become self-motivated to learn


  • For kindergarten kids I wish the graphics of the lessons were a little bit more colourful and appealing.
  • Hopefully they will add more categories, besides the Maths and Reading ones in the future.

I have used this app with my little kindergardener and overall it worked. With my son I had to sit next to him and offer ocassional help, especially in the Reading section. Of course, it greately depends on your child’s level, some are more advanced than others. My son liked the images in the Reading comprehension section as he found them funny and they also helped him to get the correct answer.

What we did was to agree on how many lessons he’d have to complete in order to play one of his favourite tablet games and also how much time outside the app he would have. I think this mutual agreement helped him stay focused on the lesson and try to do the best he could in order to win as many minutes as possible.


Overall, I think “Learn it 2 Earn it” is a great app, especially for older children, that can help kids become more autonomous and thorough in their learning. If your kids respond well to reward-based learning then this app is definitely for you. Besides the age-appropriate educational content, Learn it 2 Earn it will also offer you peace of mind that your child will not play games or browse the internet in the allotted learning time.

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